About Larkin Art & Co

Shabazz Larkin

Principle Artist

Shabazz Larkin is an artist, poet and meditation student that believes in the power of play. His work often illuminating a playful picture of black culture, history and spirituality. Shabazz takes a multi-disciplinary approach to his storytelling - painting vibrant portraiture on canvas, sculpture, calligraphy and children’s books.

In Larkin’s former life as a creative director, he was the man in the shadows, serving presidents, billionaires, rock stars and media moguls. But his move back to the south is what inspired him to tell the stories of his roots through play, with Larkin Art & Company.

Shabazz has a studio in East Nashville, shared with his wife and two sons. Now, he is focused on telling the stories of the South’s vibrant Black culture & history through public art & experiences.

Shabazz also serves as the head of content for the True Voice App, a virtual wellness studio made to provide guided meditations and wellness content to “Gen-zennials.”