Tonya Lewis

Director of Project Management

Tonya Lewis is a serial entrepreneur and creative consultant building space for the arts, community wellness and environmental education in Nashville.

At Larkin Art & Company, she works alongside a select group of artists as a creative consultant, advisor and special project manager. Tonya helps to bridge the gap between the artist and the Nashville business Community, collectors and local activities. Also serving on the board of New Dialect, a performing arts company based in Nashville, she is the person to call when you need to put your ear to the ground on Nashville Arts.

Tonya is also the co-founder of Wonderful People Microfarm, an experiential learning center designed to educate Middle Tennesseeans about, how to work with the earth, through art experiences, gardening/foraging workshops and environment inspired wellness classes.

Born and raised in Nashville, she has seen the city grow and flourish to what it is today and continues to be a part of preserving the love and creativity in how her city grows.